3 Ways Garlic Can Help You Get Rid of Man Boobs and Sculpt a Manly Chest

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Human beings have had a profound love affair with garlic and it’s not difficult to understand why. Not only does garlic make your food way more flavorful – garlic is the second-best flavor enhancer worldwide, second only to salt – it also packs a wide variety of health benefits that help you lose weight, gain muscle, and stay healthy.

A Magnificent History

Let’s go back some 4,000 years ago, to Egypt where the great pyramids are starting to take shape. If you were part of the working class back then, garlic would be an ever-present part of your diet. It didn’t only keep you free of circulatory ailments and other general malaise, the bulb veggie also helped you gain and maintain strength and, consequently, increase productivity.

For all its health benefits, it wasn’t long before garlic’s notoriety spread over Ancient Asia and Europe. Soldiers from Ancient Greece and Rome for instance, regularly ate garlic believing that it made them stronger and more courageous.

And did you know, garlic even made history by becoming the first sport performance-enhancement supplement? During the first Olympic Games, athletes took garlic to ensure that they would achieve peak performance…

Wait, what? Garlic is a performance-enhancement supplement?

Seems like it, and we’re not basing our claim on ancient history alone. Recent studies have uncovered garlic’s ability to give you more pump in the gym:

  1. Apart from stimulating the release of testosterone in your body, garlic also eases arterial tension thereby allowing more blood flow into the muscles. More blood into the muscles means more explosiveness, and more explosiveness means optimum gym performance. Remember, Egyptian slaves needed so much strength to build the pyramids, and they got a lot of help from ingesting garlic every day.​
  2. Garlic preps your body for fat loss. Regular ingestion of the veggie helps your body regulate blood glucose as well as fatty acid storage while at the same time stimulating the release of a fat-burning hormone called adiponectin.
  3. Garlic is a great remedy for muscle soreness. Allicin, a major compound found in fresh garlic, helps lessen exercise-induced muscle damage and soreness. Supplementing with garlic therefore, helps your body recover faster.

So if you want to gain muscle, get leaner, and sculpt that perfect chest, you’ll never go wrong with garlic as a supplement.

Don’t forget, garlic is acclaimed for its myriad of health benefits as well. The “health superstar” as they call it now, is also associated with lower risk of stomach and colorectal cancer. Plus it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties so potent that a lot of people call this bulb veggie the “Russian penicillin”.

If you’re having problems with your blood pressure, adding garlic in your diet does not only relieve your cardiovascular system, it also lowers the Total Cholesterol and LDL cholesterol counts in your body. Plus garlic has also been proven to help treat diabetes.

Hippocrates himself held garlic in high regard, understanding that garlic can do so much even in so little amounts. He promoted its use as a quick remedy for pulmonary issues, as a cleansing agent, and digestive reliever.

But before you go all gung ho on the garlic, be warned of the following.

If you’re not used to eating garlic, don’t eat it on an empty stomach. You might be sensitive to it and experience digestive problems as a result. What you can do instead is to slowly incorporate it in your daily diet.

Also, try not to overdo it. Too much garlic may cause body odor, bad breath, heartburn, and nausea. Plus garlic is also a potent anticoagulant. So if you’re taking blood-thinning medication, go slow on the garlic and ask your doctor for advice.

Wrapping Up

Garlic is a great addition to your meals not only because it enhances flavors so well, it also presents you with a myriad of health benefits. It lowers blood pressure, total cholesterol levels, and blood glucose. Garlic is a great anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial agent as well.

If you’re looking to lose weight and get rid of those man boobs, adding garlic to your daily diet will never disappoint. Garlic makes your body more prone to fat loss while at the same time helping you release testosterone. The improved cardiovascular condition brought about by garlic also gives you more power during workouts.

For maximum benefits, consume it raw on a three cloves a day, one clove a meal basis. Remember, never overdo it. Garlic is so potent that over-dosage may come with rather serious side-effects.

So, are you up for some garlic magic? We’d love to hear about your love (or hate) affair with garlic in the comments section below!

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    1. Post

      Hey Amir!

      The smell comes from an enzyme called alliinaise. Alliinaise is only released when you cut, press, or puncture the clove. So, in order to get rid of the smell, one option would be for you to swallow the clove whole after skinning it.

      The thing is, you need alliinaise to catalyze the formation of allicin. In fact, one study shows that “undamaged garlic” (swallowed) had no effects on cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. Chewed garlic, on the other hand, effectively lowered cholesterol numbers and blood pressure among the study participants.

      Anyway, you can still enjoy the health benefits of garlic by checking out our recipes. Mixing and matching garlic with other food items – such as green leafy veggies – reduces the smell and boosts flavor.

  1. I like to slice and dice my garlic in very small pieces and put in a glass. Put a small amount of milk in and drink and swallow as quick as possible. Reducing time in the mouth prevents a lot of the smell issue.

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