Blue Marlin Ceviche Recipe that Boosts Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

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Peruvians take pride in their creative prowess. No wonder why they have such an inspired cuisine. Case in point, the world-famous ceviche.

Described to be “exotic, exquisite, and yet sharp”, the ceviche is a masterful blend of flavors that’s hard to ignore and much harder to forget.

Blue Marlin

Blue marlin is rich in vitamins D, E, and B. It's also packed with essential minerals such as selenium, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.

It’s easy to prepare, and is flexible enough that you can play with your own variations once you learn how to prepare the core of the dish.

Not only that, this dish also packs a lot of healthy punch, a perfect fusion of flavor, fancy, and fitness rolled into one.

So roll those sleeves up, show those muscles, and sharpen your knives. You’re in for a savory ride.

Here’s What You’ll Need


½ Pound Fresh Blue Marlin Fillet, Chopped into large, even chunks.

Not fond of marlin? Try Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Groupers, or Flounders.


5 pcs Garlic cloves, minced


pc Ginger root, minced


pc Red onion, finely sliced


pcs Red pepper, Diced


1/2 cup Cucumber, sliced into thin rings (do not peel)


1/4 cup Lime or Lemon juice. 

Lime or Lemon juice may be substituted with the same amount of Apple Cider or Coconut Vinegar


Salt and pepper to taste


Mix fish, lime juice, garlic, red onion, ginger root, red pepper, and cucumber in a large bowl. Combine the ingredients well, tossing them around for 2 minutes, before letting the dish sit and marinate for 10 to 20 minutes.

Your fish is ready when it turns opaque. Do not marinate for too long, or else you’ll end up with dry and chalky fish chunks.

Things to Remember

  1. Ceviche, in essence, is raw fish thrown into an acidic marinade. That’s the core of the dish. Once you have that, you can basically mix and match with a variety of other ingredients. Shallots, chillies, cilantro leaves, radish, even fruits such as mango, apple, and avocado can be added to the dish for variety. I even add grilled pork belly to the mix!
  2. Use only fresh fish. Fresh fish smells like the ocean, has rich red gills, and bright, clear eyes. The flesh should look glossy and not opaque.
  3. Cut the fish evenly. This helps the marinating process even out. This also helps your timing. Smaller cut sizes “cook” faster, so if you wish to cut the fish into small chunks, 20 minutes could be too long to prepare the dish.
  4. If the marinade is taking too long, check the acid to fish ratio. A good ratio should be 1/2 cup of acid for every 1 pound of fish.

A Dish that replaces all of your Dietary Supplements

Fresh ocean fish are high in protein, fats, and selenium. These open sea swimmers also contain a rich mix of essential vitamins and minerals.

Blue marlin, specifically, is rich in vitamins D, E, and B. It's also packed with essential minerals such as selenium, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium to boot.

Garlic meanwhile contains a compound called allicin which is essential for testosterone production. Because allicin is easily broken down by heat, this “raw” dish preserves the compound, ensuring that you get a healthy dose of the compound.

And then there’s ginger root, a potent source of manganese and zinc. Manganese is an essential mineral that plays a role in several internal processes, most of which are related to metabolism and testicular function. Zinc meanwhile is an important precursor for testosterone function.

Rounding it all up is Cucumber, a potent source of Vitamin C (which is also found in lime) and potassium. Vitamin C and potassium are essential for cellular function, maintenance, and repair.

Now for Some Manly Benefits

With all the vitamins and minerals mentioned, let’s take a look at the manly benefits you get from this tasty ceviche recipe.

  1. Selenium facilitates thyroid function, aiding in the production of the thyroid’s T3 hormone. T3 hormone is important for a number of things:
  • Fat Loss Via Stimulation of Metabolic Activities. One of T3 hormone’s jobs is to increase fat and carbohydrate metabolism, increasing your basal (resting) metabolic rate. People with low T3 are known to easily get fat.
  • Reverse Aging. The T3 hormone is intimately intertwined with the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH is one of the most powerful anti-aging hormones around. It helps increase lean mass, slash body fat, boost libido, and can send your energy levels through the roof.
  • Overall Health. T3 has a hand in how our cardiovascular, central nervous, and reproductive systems work.
  1. Zinc, Vitamin D, and Magnesium all contribute to increased testosterone levels.

Zinc is required for androstenedione to be converted to Testosterone. Low zinc levels also leads to an increase in estrogen receptors in your body, lowering muscle growth and fat metabolism among men (not to mention the development of man boobs), and leading to higher risks of breast cancer among women.

Vitamin D is also vital for peak testosterone levels. In one study, 1,362 male participants were tested for Vitamin D and Testosterone levels. The result indicated a positive association between Vitamin D and Testosterone levels among the participants; higher vitamin D levels meant higher T levels.

This association all boils down to Vitamin D’s ability to inhibit a process that turns testosterone into estrogen among men. That, and the fact that glands that release Testosterone contain high volumes of vitamin D receptors, giving us a clue that Vitamin D is indeed an essential part of the testosterone production process.

Magnesium, like selenium, plays many roles in energy metabolism. It’s an enzyme cofactor (making sure that every mitochondria in your body has sufficient energy), ensures electrolyte balance, and maintains the integrity of cell membranes.

Depleted magnesium levels would mean poor sleep, muscle soreness, constipation, and albeit indirectly, lower Testosterone levels.

  1. Manganese, meanwhile, plays an important role in a number of metabolic processes, including:
  • Normal skeletal growth and development
  • Glucose utilization
  • Lipid, cholesterol and protein metabolism
  • Prevention of sterility
  • Thyroid hormone synthesis
  1. Allicin, the primary active compound in Garlic and Onions, helps your body produce and circulate testosterone. It also inhibits the stress hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol block testosterone function, which means that allicin has an important part to play when it comes to boosting testosterone levels and boosting the activity of testosterone in your body.

Need I mention that high protein, high fat, and low carbohydrate content helps in fat loss and controlling LDL (bad) cholesterol levels among many other health benefits?

There You Have It Folks.

A recipe that’s fancy yet very manly.

Eat this light and refreshing meal every once in a while, and feel free to experiment with slightly different ingredients every now and then.

Whenever you discover a wonderful mix and match of ingredients, post your recipe in the comments section below and let’s see which recipe is the most creative one!

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